Wyrd Dry gin is an extraordinarily smooth gin, distilled traditionally in small batches with a touch of alchemy.

A perfect blend of fine grain spirit, pure New Forest spring water, selected local ingredients and the finest botanicals from around the world.

It is a classic juniper led gin with hints of citrus, earthy and spicy notes and a warming finish.

Versatile enough to be enjoyed on its own, with tonic or in your favourite cocktail.



We use local New Forest spring water and British grain alcohol as our base on which to balance the flavours of carefully selected botanicals.

The core of our gin recipe combines juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica and liquorice roots.

Citrus notes come from sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit peels and with hints of spice and pepper delivered by cardamom, cassia and cubeb berries. Finally, we include a hint of the essence of new, green gorse shoots which we collect when they emerge after the gorse has finished flowering and which carry a slightly green, minty, peppery note in our recipe.


Every bottle of our gin is hand made by ourselves in our New Forest distillery using a production process we trialled and tested for over a year until we were happy to put it into use.

We believe there is a true art to creating a high quality spirit and ensuring that all the flavours are properly selected and balanced by careful choice of ingredients in our recipe and control of our production processes.

We combine the use of traditional copper alembic stills to distil the majority of the botanicals in our recipe and use a modern process of vacuum distillation for the more delicate botanicals to preserve their fragile flavour.



We start with our blend of the finest botanicals – juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice, orris root, cardamom, cassia, cubeb lemon, grapefruit and sweet orange peel.

We place these into our handmade Portuguese copper still with pure British grain spirit and spring water drawn from the New Forest.

We allow the botanicals to infuse for 15 hours to start the process of releasing the flavour of the botanicals before we begin the distillation.


After macerating the still is heated to until the contents start to boil. The release of the botanical flavours continues and these are carried over from the still pot with the hot spirit vapour into the still condenser. As the vapour hits the water-cooled condenser the distillate cools and emerges as a clear flavoured spirit which we collect.

We don’t keep all of the distillate only the part with the perfect taste profile selected by the distiller.  This is where the art of the distiller comes in, nosing and tasting the spirit as it flows from the still condenser to select the right time point to collect the stream of spirit (the ‘cut’).  

The first liquid leaving the still, the ‘heads’, is discarded as this typically is too harsh to include in the finished product.

Then the ‘heart’ of the spirit is collected which contains the perfect balance of flavours we want for our gin.

Finally, the ‘tails’ cut is made when the distiller tastes the end of the ‘heart’ flow as the sweet and aromatic notes end and more earthy, bitter notes start to come through.


The ‘heart’ cut is transferred to a blending tank where it rests for at least a week. When rested the spirit is diluted and made up to bottling strength with pure water before being left to rest for a couple more weeks. It is then filtered and transferred into bottles before being capped and labelled.

A handmade, craft process with care and passion from start to finish.